• The Insider's Guide to the A.R.E. 5.0

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The Insider's Guide to the A.R.E. 5.0

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"Meet Desk Crits, the New Guide That's Trying to Shake up the ARE Exam"

We sat down with Architectural Digest to discuss how Desk Crits is helping architects beat the ARE! Read more > 

Desk Crits the Insider's Guide to the ARE in Architectural Digest

"Tap into the minds of two experts who literally wrote the book on how to pass the ARE"

You asked and we answered! Thanks to our friends at Black Spectacles for hosting a Q+A with us. Read More >

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Efficient and Comprehensive

"This book is like your friends telling you exactly what you need to study. The most efficient and comprehensive guide out there, from the people you want to listen to. And it's portable and beautiful!"

Margaret M.

A Running Start

"I put off starting the A.R.E. for years, but Desk Crits gave me a running start. Clear, simple, and accessible."

Cameron B.

A Kick in the *$#

"The A.R.E. sucks. This guide is a combination of a kick in the *$# and a shoulder to cry on. It makes the exams much more manageable."

Abbey S.

Breezed Through...

"I took the first three exams without Desk Crits and studied a ton. On the last exam, I used Desk Crits and breezed through studying while still feeling prepared."

-Anonymous, Desk Crit #71

Untangling the A.R.E.

"Desk Crits untangled the opaque and confusing A.R.E. process nicely! I am clearer on what steps to take, material to look at, and order to do exams in!"

Anonymous, Desk Crit #83