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About Us

We are Sam Zeif and Tess McNamara, two young architects and A.R.E. survivors living in Brooklyn, New York. We met at the Yale School of Architecture, where we studied affordable housing, sustainable design and, most importantly, learned how to use Adobe Illustrator. Now that we have finished the A.R.E. (6 tests in 6 months!) we apparently write books on the side, just for fun. No but seriously we did have fun making this, we really did, we promise. Nothing would make us happier than a few kindred spirits passing the A.R.E. Special thanks to all of our friends that studied with us along the way, were there for the highs and lows, and helped in the production of this book. To reach out with any thoughts or questions, you can reach us at:


Desk Crits
P.O. Box 21800
Brooklyn, NY  11202