What exactly is in Desk Crits?

It’s always tough to buy a book without knowing what it’s like or what is in it. We get it! So we thought we would explain a little bit more here about what you’re actually going to find in this ‘lil book we made. 

You can find the full table of contents below, but here is a short summary too: 

So, the book is in three parts: The first part is all of our advice for taking the exams. Tips and tricks, study schedules, our thoughts on exam order, the books you need for the tests, what to do if you fail an exam, tips for test day, and how much time to allocate for each test, etc. 

The second part is our Exam Outlines for each of the six exams. Here, we break out a detailed list of topics to study for each exam, and have done the hard work for you to highlight the specific chapters and pages of each book you will need to study for each topic. Study by topic, not by resource, to help you focus on only relevant information. The whole reason we wrote this book is because of how frustrated we were when we were trying to figure out what/how/where to study! How are you supposed to study for an exam when you don’t even know what is on it ?!??!!!??? Anyway I digress. We took care of this for you! You’re welcome!

The third part of the book is our Study Sheets. This is our actual study guide, and the Exam Outlines tell you which Sheets you need to study and when. These are the notes we used to study for our exams, and they include the key, curated information you need in a condensed and straightforward format. You can use these however you want: to help review information, to double check you haven’t missed anything, or to replace more in-depth studying if you’re in a time crunch. One of our friends almost exclusively used our study sheets for his studying…and he passed all 6 exams in 4 months (!!!), but don’t try this at home folks!! Anecdotal evidence!!! He’s kind of intense!!

Ok here is the full TOC. If you have any questions you can also always reach us at hello@deskcrits.com or through our instagram @desk_crits




How do I use this book?
What is the A.R.E.?
What order should I take the exams in?
How much time do I need for this?
Schedule advice?
What should I study?
Got any tips?
What's in the rest of this book?



Practice Management (PcM)
Project Management (PjM)
Construction Evaluation (CE)
Programming and Analysis (PA)
Project Planning and Design (PPD)
Project Design and Development (PDD)



Firm Legal Structures
Financial Terminology
Contracts: B101, A201, A101, C401
Contract to Know and Love
Legal Issues
Project Delivery Models
Project Planning
Construction Administration
Sustainable Design Strategies
Development Financing
Soils Deep Dive
Hazardous Materials and Remediation
ADA Requirements
IBC Cheat Sheets
Historic Preservation
Electrical Systems
Plumbing Systems
HVAC Systems
Wall Assemblies
Fire Protection
Project Manual / Specs