I was simply browsing through the book for future PPD/PDD exams, I'm not currently there yet. However, I have used the material for PjM and currently on PA. I have to say it's been everything that I dreamed of and then some.

Hi Tess, I wanted to let you know that I passed PDD and I am now done with the ARE! The act of transferring my notes to the Desk Crits Book, and condensing everything down, was so helpful in the last days of the study process. The book is brilliant and will recommend it to my friends who are studying. Thanks again!

I picked up your book after seeing it in a black spectacles email and all I can say is... wow. I wish I had this sooner (like four exams ago lol). It's made shaking off the rust SO much easier. Thank you guys for putting this together, cheers from Milwaukee, WI!!